Monday, April 12, 2010


The night before the H8TR, I was H8Ting the fact I couldn't be at the Pan Am XC Race back Home and race it with my little Bro.  So, to keep it low, I had some fun with the Polska crew.   And as for the H8TR;

Is done and marked as the training race/ride of the year.   As of now, I h8t to be sore, that's right sore, sore.  I was not ready yet for that kind of pace at the begining.  As they said, it's just a social ride but hell no, once DJohnnyMac lets you go, it's on and man, I just went to grab some wheels but unfortunately I couldn't keep the pace and got dropped before the tunel.   So I rode solo the the rest of the way, got a beer handed to me and on the way back I couldn't pedal anymore, my @$$ was hurting so bad due to the lack of riding, so I had to stand a lot in order to keep pedaling.    Finally made the it to the portion where I had to ride on the road and go through some little hills, only in that section and got motivated and pushed the throtle all the way, caught up back with the mofos, gave him a double pair and rode away.  Unfortunately that road and climb was my last effort, once I got to back to the gravel trail I was spend and started feeling the tweaks, so I slowed down then this fast girl went by with the mofos , I tried to grab their wheels but started to feel the tweaks coming back, so I said screw it and went on my own pace standing on the bike and pedaling for long sections and seating for short sections, I couldn't take it anymore, then I came across a family that were on the side of the bike trail, the guy had a mechanical and I offered my help, he didn't knew how to fix a broken chain, so it was he's lucky day and my perfect time to take a break. :p

So, overall I feel good that I got to see some cool peeps and help a recreational family on the trail.
This is all for the weekend adventure, more updates about my little bro later when I get to talk to him.
'Till then, keep up turning the cranks yo!

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claire said...

Man, I knew Carlitos had some little pedals in that sidecar! You could have brought him along and won the tandem category. ^_^