Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bouncy Ride!

So, it has been a long weekend and unfortunatelly I couldn't ride on friday neiter on saturday, friday was too freaking windy, I took my bianchi out and started riding west and after few miles in, I said, screw this and turned around, my legs didn't feel good pushing hard on the wind.
That was my friday and instead of riding, I played with Carlitos and worked on my basement.

Saturday, it was just another good day to wake up late and waste my time watching movies and playing again with Carlitos and took him to this place for some fun. 
Sure Carlitos is gonna be ladys man, and here you can see that! :D he's playing the game already :D
Saturday night, I rode one of  my bikes around town and some how got dragged inside Taylors. :D, made few calls and arrenged a ride for today with some buds at Emma to Muir and back!  And this is how I wrapped my weekend!
I decided to ride the Hustler cause I knew we were gonna be doing some stops and since it was not a hammerfest ride, more like a social ride, it was good choice and still I did a lot of work with that bike cause it waits around 30lbs, its 1 by 9 with a gear 11-23 cassette and 34t chainring.  This is my dh ride for the Wors Cup and I was kinda testing the whole bike, except I have dh wheels but ofcourse I was not gonna ride with those at kettles
So, pix below are some of today's ride
At Emma getting ready!
Mark was testing a Giant 29er, which he hated the whole ride, "Why Am I riding this crap? I shouldn't leave my parker at home"
Zac getting ready
Relaxing at Muir
Mark notices something not good in Zac's bike "Dude, is that a nice dent on your toptube?

My Hustler again
Snapping while riding in the woods
Still putting the hurt on Zac!

Another break, Mark "Dang, my back hurts like a bitch and I really hate that 29er bike"
Mark riding some kind of international style!

And this is it for the day boys, I might ride to work tomorrow but defenitely I need some more riding before saturday!
Enjoy yer week and have fun riding!


Ciclismo Sumpango said...

"GIANT... Why Am I riding this crap?"

I don't like Giant Bikes too.


Iguana said...

Hahahaha a medio camino el chavo decia que le dolia mucho la cintura. Y pues al regresar al parqueo, tocamos sus llantas y las cargaba con demasiada precion, se sentian puras piedras. Con razon le dolia la cintura. :D