Wednesday, May 05, 2010

WORS Iola Race #1 down!

Well, here we are already in race season!
How crazy is it that you have to wait months of winter for the race season and once you the first race is done, then the days start flying by really quick.

Anyways, last weekend we had our first race of the WORS Series and man, I was kinda nervous about it because in past years I never finish good in the first race.   So before the race, all I had was pretty much like 400 base miles in.  All the miles were like long rides to Madison and back, some 35 mile road rides around the 'Sha, the H8TR and the Platteville time trial.  

I would say I wasn't ready for this race, but like one of my buddies at work said, "Dude, don't worry, when you're the less prepared for the race, you relax and that's when you do better".

Sure enough, I just lined up like any easy group ride and finished in the top 20.  I didn't think I was going to do that well.  It makes me happy and gives me some hope that if I can keep riding a little more than what I have been doing, eventually I could get back to where I used to finish few years ago.

As far as the race went, I felt really good and I was riding back and forth with 4-5 other guys. Most of the time I was at the front of the group and didn't feel weak at all and I had my game set for the last lap...and then I crashed on lap 4 and the group went by, then some comp guys that we had lapped.

I got up right away and started to chase the elite guys.  They got to the singletrack and I could see them close but then I caught up with a comp guy, I asked him to let me by and he wouldn't move and the elites got out of sight.  So I kept my pace and still finished right at 20th place and 7th in age.

I feel that part of my good results this past weekend are due to the great products I have on board for this year.

Thanks to my awesome sponsors for their top notch products Voodoo Cycles, Rudy Project, Sunringle, Manitou, Hayes Brakes, Answer Products.  They are a big reason for my good finish and I'm now motivated to keep doing my best to keep turning the cranks harder and harder! :D

Awesome pix courtesy of Bubba and Velogrrl.
Thanks for snapping those great shots!
Until then, See you on the road or at the next event!

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