Monday, March 01, 2010

Back in the game!

That's right, I'm planning on hitting some more dirt this year.  Last year I didn't have much time, way to much stuff going on with been a dad and not been used to it, it has been hard for me as for Sonia to set a schedule for riding and making things work out smooth.
Sorry I haven't update this thing, I feel bad I didn't post a re-cap of my adventure doing El Reto del Quetzal  back home with my brother last year.   I didn't do a lot of wors races, pretty much only the fun ones and Ore 2 Shore, which I think I finished ok without having to much training/racing time in my legs.  The only think I focused last year was for El Reto, just 2 months before the race I started doing some 4 hr rides or riding to madison with Sonia and Carlitos . That was my whole preparation for the 3 day race and gave me a good results , we could have finished better but Cisco had 2 pinch flats and I did once on day 1 and he broke his chain on day 3.  Even with all those mechanical, we kept motivaded and pushed harder and harder to get back on the good positions and at the end, This is the result of it.   Thanks Voodoo, we are looking so bad to line up at El Reto Del Quetzal again and do better with the help of these super light frames and better luck!.
And as for this year at wors, Sonia and I are planing on making the come back, hopefully for most of the races, or we'll see.  It all depends in how the construction of my house back home is going and how we're doing with $$$.
'Till then, I hope to see y'all soon and keep updating this thing.

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