Monday, April 06, 2009

The Transition!

Hey y'all.
It's been awhile huh, well as y'all know I'm always lazy to update my blog and now with Carlitos it's even harder to slack a little bit. No time to sit in front of the computer and blog or surf :) , there are occasions when I can sit and check out other peoples blogs but I don't get motivated to blog about my life or what's around me.
Anyways, the season is right around the corner and it's time to start getting the stuff ready. In my case I don't ever buy a stock bike. I go piece by piece and put it together like a puzzle. So for this year since Sonia is getting back in the race scene and as you can see she's already doing her work outs with Carlitos. So I order another Kona frame, that's right, the same frame as mine from last year so we will have the same bike, which will be nice if I do any endurance races--I'll have two bikes with similar set-ups. (That's also the nice thing about being the same height as your wife). Also I placed an order last night for some sweet Rudy project gear and they should arrive on Wednesday, sweet!
On the other hand, as my title says Transition, I'm kinda making the move to the big wheels as it seems like everybody is getting more 29ers this year, mm nah just messing around, I would never give up on my little wheels, I might go 69er once in awhile like I did last year. I like to be in between those 2 worlds and yes, I built a 29er but it's not really mine, I got a conecte with the frame and if I like it and if isn't to big, then I would give away some $$$ for the frame and keep the bike as it is. You might ask why are those crappy pedals on the bike, well, I build the bike with whatever I got laying around in the basement just to have the bike rolling and test it outside. I might do some improvements but that will depend if I buy the frame or not.
Well, is kinda late and got a big day tomorrow stickering some awesome wheels .
'Till then, hope to see you at the TT .

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exporider said...

Yea i was thinking i might do it with keaton if not mabey Theo. See ya there