Thursday, April 23, 2009

Race season is here finally!

And that means is time to start riding the bike a little bit more often :P.
This past weekend I had my first race of the year, which is the one I always kick off my race season, it is not wors series, but you know what. NON WORS races I believe are way more fun, technical and with lots of single track.
There are 2 races up in Platteville every year and those are the only 2 opportunities you have to ride those awesome trails; Kick off the season with the Platteville TT which is fun and competitive and depending who's there like this year the winner was Brendan More who is a pro from minnesota. The second one is the Block House Roll and this one is always fun too and more competitive . This year at the TT I finished 3rd, and it looks like my time was faster from last year, but I gotta say probably last years time could have been the same as this year, this year the course was dry, and last year was wet and slipery.
Anyways, there is another TT up in decorah, which I already register and for what this guy said about the forecast, all I have to say is that it's only thursday and things changes all the time, so I wont assume anything till saturday. Today the temps were really good, so I called Sonia and told her I was gonna show her some good place to ride in waukesha, so I picked up Carlitos, got the sidecar ready and we were off to that secret place :). My ride was just fine and pretty much was all about horse power. Sonia and I splitted up at some point were I couldn't ride anymore and did few short loops around and waited for her at the end of the single track and while waiting there Carlitos was enjoying a sweet nap.
Anyways, that's all for today.
Till that, see ya at the Decorah TT or Iola.

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