Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back to the city!

Today we got back from a really nice place outside the city of Vancouver, it's call sunshine coast and its located like an hour away north from the city by car, and also we have to take the ferry to get there, it was a beautiful place, Sonia and Kyla got there last Saturday, there at the cabin was Kyla's parents already. Melvin and I got there Wednesday night since he had to work half day. Tuesday night started snowing again and kept going all day through Wednesday and finally stop snowing last night. It was a challenge to drive in the streets since some people is not used to this kinda of weather. Sonia apparently had some nice work out shoveling snow, I guess everybody did a little bit of shoveling, once Melvin and I got there we got our work out too, I shoveled the drive way, these little towns don't have snowplows and if they do, then they only clean the main roads, screw the people that lives in the outside of the town, so you gotta have your awd or 4x4.
Right since Sonia is back, then will go check out the city and go to some tourist places since she's been out side the city since she got here. I posted more pix of the little place called sunshine coast on my flickr pages 1-4.
See ya and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

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Ronsta, said...

So what, you have to leave the country to update your blog now? :)

I think you have more snow than we do, it's all melting here!

Have fun, hope your enjoying the trip!