Monday, December 22, 2008

Hanging around in Vancouver

That's' right boys, since I had time off of work I opted to run away from the snow storm in Wisco and visit my friend Melvin in Canada.
We left Thursday and got to Vancouver around 4 pm or something, our surprise was Vancouver had some snow during the day. While in the airplane, I took some pix when we were flying somewhere over Vancouver. Friday we went for a walk around and it was like been in Wisconsin, I was hoping to ride my friends bike there as much as I can, but unfortunately I thing we brought the snow to Vancouver with us. Saturday morning Sonia and my friends wife left the place and headed to some island which is like an hour or so. Saturday I finished building a fixie and took it for a ride around the snow, it was fun and I guess I was one of the few ones riding bikes around, not much traffic, started snowing around 10 pm again and stop until Sunday around 3 pm or somewhere there, I'm kinda of surprise because Kyla said they haven't have snow like this in probably the last 4 years, usually only snows like crazy in the mountains and they usually get only rain. Anyways the city is not prepared for snow and they have only few snowplows and they only clean the main streets, and all the small streets don't get clean, everybody stops driving, riding their bikes. Everything gets screw up, Sunday morning I pulled the fixie out and went for like 10 minute ride to a cafe, got in and everybody looked at my like who's this crazy dude, after I got my coffee the girl told I was bad ass riding my bike in the snow. I said I live in Wisconsin and I'm just visiting a friend in Vancouver and I'm usually ride my fixie in the snow. She said "Why did you bring the snow with you". Well as of right now I don't have much to say, but I have some pix I will share with you. Hope you enjoy them and Merry Christmas to y'all and see you next year.

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