Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, as many of you have noticed. I'm not racing the way I used to. I got new hobby, spend time with my son hurrican Carlitos, he's my new joy and I love to be around him, watch him grow up everyday and see how everyday he tries to walk by pushing toys around or holding himself on the side of bed or couch and move around.
It makes me happy and is fun to play with him, now he's making some funny sounds too. I think he's gonna like riding bikes and drinking beer just like his dad :).
I know there are other guys with kids just like Carlitos too, but I would say everybody has different life styles if I could put it tha way, not to make excuses for my bad finishes, sometimes I could go for a ride but after work, I gotta pick up Carlitos, get home and do some other stuff and pretty much feel tired after work. The only thing I can say is that I'll finish this series, probably not finishing strong since I'm already out of top 20 and there's no way I can make it with up there with 4 to go, only probably race for some pay outs or go hard only in the fun courses.
Well, this is it. I hope I don't get another dnf crystal ridge. :)
See ya.

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